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Sonified Subway map – feedback from Week1

I ser tested my paper prototype and got a ton of great feedback. Here is all of it. The ones on bold are the ones I will consider most:

loves that it’s paper
the crossroads force you to make a decision
feels like he gets ‘what it’s like to be in NYC”
wants to hear a story of Brooklyn, vs Queens, vs Long Island vs The Bronx
likes map more than illustrations
3 seconds into the music, you know wether you like it or not, stories are more compelling
as you get to the station of Union square, the musician could start to fade in
each line should start and end with an announcer
the story needs to be mapped to the length of the line
don’t try and re-create Tower Records – stories are better than music
wants instructions on where to go – a suggestion box of routes one might travel
interview more interesting people -a painter
interview people at the Bedford L stop
1 sentence or 2 sentences will be enough to tell a story

add pictures to the map
more direction of where to go
make stories specific about traveling on that train line – make that clear
map does not need to be any more details than the prototype

wanted to hear the full story
stories should not stop at an intersection then start over on the other side of union square. that is not expected
more announcers from the subway platforms
likes the idea that he is taking a ride on the subway

add texture to the red line, to make it more inviting to touch
tell people somewhere to follow the red line
language ideas ‘take a ride’ ‘meet someone on the subway’ 
this project is like a whole world
likes both stories and music
as neighborhoods change people change
if the audio were playing fast it would let you know to slow down (my prototype didnt have speed change)
footsteps help you know what pace to go at, but this doesn’t have footsteps
find iconic people from each neighborhood to interview

change the name – ‘scrub through the subway’
‘stories and musicians of the subway’
add ‘touch’ in the title so it’s clear
all dots should have a musician on it, be consistent
add texture of vinyl record grooves
think of what is satisfying to touch
depth might be needed
changes colors at night, add LEDs

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  1. Tom Igoe November 11, 2015

    Looks like a lot of the respones you git were self-directed, and feature requests. Did you have any specific questions you asked them, or features you wanted feedback on? If you didn’t, then that’s something to consider next time you do user tests or get in-class feedback (any class): you can direct the feedback toward the things you want the most help on with a few directed questions: “did you understand this feature?” “Can you complete X action?” “How would you think you do X?” are some examples that may help.

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