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I’ve been working with KC on the Physical Computing side of our SuperHero project.

We’ve had countless discussions about user experience, and what motions one might want to do in a cape, and which of those motions are trackable with which hardware. We’ve thought about the advantages of three different types of sensors: kinect, accelerometer, webcam. We considered them based of off what data we might be able to gather from each one, and what scenario the user would use the product in – the kinect + a fan seemed fun for the ITP show, but the gyro/accelorometer seems more magical and seems like it could translate into a real product better. Since the ultimate goal is to make a kit for one to play with at home on the web, we’re first trying to use the accelerometers and p5.  The website is activated by the cape’s neck closure and the graphics on the website are activated by the movement of the cape.

We’ve been playing with the MPU_6050 accelorometer and we’ve gotten it to a place where we have readings from the pitch, roll, and yaw, and every second we ask what the different of the P,R,Y are to the previous second, then we average that difference and use that variable as the ‘intensity’ of the user. This intensity controls how fast the camera moves in the game. We’re now switching to the Flora gyro/accelerometer  bc that data from the 6050 was going to p5 very slowly.






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  1. Tom Igoe November 18, 2015

    I don’t know that sensor. Is the 1 second sample rate the fastest that you can sample it? the communication with P5 shouldn’t be the limiting factor, you can do that a whole lot faster than 1 message per second.

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