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Superhero – Week3 progress

KC and I coded alot this weekend. :)
We reworked the game a bit, based on the fact that our desired accelerometer needed a calibration round. It’s super cute though. We wrote some logic/psudo-code, then after a day of slogging through stack overflow and asking fellow ITP students, that pseudo-code was real code that would allow our user to calibrate the cape themselves every round. I’m very proud of that code. Now that we’re commited to that accelerometer, we’re abandoning the TI sesor tags, which were also a great option. We worked with them a bit this weekend. KC and Max coded an entire node.js server-side interface to work with the Sensor Tags, but we decided that we were more comfortable without that. Now we have to choose a micro-controller, might go with ‘The Feather’ or ‘mini-arduino’. KC tried an RFduino today as well….

Coming along

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