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In addition to my core classes, I’m part of a team at ITP, funded by a self-proposed grant from Google called ‘Consumer Light and Magic’. This group is doing research on the future of storytelling – techniques, tools, psychology.
I’m doing my own research to get myself up to speed on these topics. I first read ‘Infinite Realities‘ and now I’m reading ‘Who Owns the Future‘ by Jaron Lanier. He is incredibly interesting.

He’s informed me of new ways to think about future economic structures. We should be weary of free services that are ‘Siren Servers’ as he calls them. There is small short-term gain and overwhelmingly-large long-term loss. We should be inclined to┬ádecentralize these servers or else we are going to enter into the widest economic gap that we have ever seen. He paints some vivid distopic pictures — one of a man dying of thirst and not being granted water from the smart-dust in the air, because he┬áhas not contributed enough data into society, another of two children opening a lemonade stand in front of their house and needed to sign a contract allowing the owner of the sidewalk access to all data that is generated inside their house. It’s scary. Another is the wonderful self-driving car, that picks you up to take you to the airport, then drives slower as it passes in front of certain billboards, and will only let you get out at certain street corners should you need to purchase something.

More to come, but wanted to post something while it’s fresh on my mind.

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