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1+1=3 live performance

1+1=3 is an irregular experiment of music, visuals and performance.
Friday, March 25th, 
6:30pm – 8pm, ITP Japanese Room area

This series, which was first initiated by artist Shantell Martin,  aims to offer a space for creative and spontaneous collaboration between Clive Davis and ITP students.

During each show a total of three Clive Davis Students will bring a music set and will be teamed up with an ITP’er creating the visuals. This is a first encounter for all parties creating potential collisions of ideas and techniques.







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Making of:

The main model was made in Cinema 4D, where Eve unwrapped the UVs and lined them up so they would be in a good position to paint back onto. The obj and txt. was exported from Cinema4D then loaded into a javascript file. The javascript was mostly Three.js and jQuery. Eve programmed in some extra controllers, on keypress you can change the lighting, rotate the main shape, and make the outlying cubes bounce.


A working non-webcam version can be played with here: http://webcamdraw.online/
Press Q,W,E for lights; S / D to spin the main shape; I / O to bounce the cubes; Use mouse to orbit controls.

some low res GIFs of the screen in various states:




My setup: webcam looking down onto printed out UV map. ThreeJS updating live in the browser, on the main central diamond


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