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Data Personalization / Week1

My first attempt in using the Instagram API in sandbox mode! Visit the site here, and you can even drag around the images. Large images have lots of likes, small images have few likes:


For my personal json, I made two:

The first is here. It was made by connecting multiple media channels to a google spreadsheet, using IFTTT.com. Then exporting the spreadsheet as a .csv and using an online converter from .csv to .json.

The second is the start of a ‘json love letter’ of sorts, written here:

"me": {
"name": "Eve Weinberg",
"location": "163 Withers st",
"age": 34
"you": {
"name": "Christopher Solomon",
"location": "222 Broderick St",
"age": 31

"distance": "TBD: gotta get some lat-lon info",
"days apart": 33,
"things I haven't told you yet": [
"i'm not following my diet...like, at all", "i take a lot of naps, but not because i'm lazy", "my apartment has roaches in the summer, but so do most NYC apartments"

"things I tell my friends about you": ["he's sweet", "he's funny", "he's weird in the best way"],
"favorite memories": [
"trampoline date and dinner in sausilito",
"pokemon go in buena vista park",
"coding on the couch"

"biggest fears": [
"is this all manufactured?",
"am i scared of long term dating?",
"is life a simulation?"

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