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Project Idea

It’s 2016 and the internet is capable of offering visually enriching animations, data visualizations with real-time information, hyper-connected flows of information, and instantaneous monetary transaction. I want to make a web experience that explores all of these things, centered around raising both awareness and activism around climate change.

I’d like to make a 3D interactive animation that educates the viewer, keeping them engaged while forcing them to make a real difference.

After some preliminary research in the field of climate science and fundraising, I’ve identified a few reasons why people on the internet succumb to ‘clicktivism’ instead of real action:

  1. The information isn’t sticky. People don’t remember it.
  2. The cost of inaction doesn’t have immediate repercussions.
  3. The solutions don’t have immediate results.
  4. The information’s entertainment value pales in comparison to cats.
  5. The online action that people DO take doesn’t actually do anything

The solutions in the abstract are obvious, but my next step is to create an architecture, or storyline that I can test and prototype in order to know that i’m getting the results I want. I’ll aim to be able to answer the following questions:

  1. Do you remember 100% of the facts that you were presented with?
  2. Do you understand the cost of inaction?
  3. Did I offer meaningful results for your time, money, and efforts?
  4. Was this experience memorable and sharable? Did you enjoy it and will you want to share it?
  5. Question to me – how can I measure the results of my user’s actions?
  6. What actions should I ask for?
    1. donations
    2. signing a letter to a politician
    3. calling a politician
    4. signing a petition
    5. sharing the experience on social media
    6. pledging to show up in person to a ralley or protest
    7. promising to change their daily action in some way






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