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Personal Data week 2

Assignment Part 1: Use event handlers with a dataset (personal or API)

Personal Data – I recorded my spending for the past 2 weeks, and then made a lame bar chart in three.js. My thinking was that I just wanted to get the interaction and code base working so this can be my threeJS template for the rest of the semester:


My first #threejs personalized data project! A bar graph of my monthly expenses. Haha. So lame

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And it works in VR too!!! WebVR came a LONG way in the past 4 months. It’s crazy how fast developers can implement stuff now. My friend wrote an extension on three.js and I really just imported it in my index file and added one event handler, and that was it.


And for a 3D environment, I tried using more event handlers, here is a screengrab, bc I haven’t hosted the files. I made a json of my top 4 contacts.




Assignment 2 – Think about a dataset you’ve encountered in your day-to-day life. Wireframe a simple app or dashboard that shows the data in a way that’s more effective for you. Why is it more effective? 

I had a lot of trouble thinking of a system to critique. My interests are more about infographics and data journalism and 3D on the web, so I decided to first look at some design paradigms.

I made this board: http://pin.it/fNRPIEX (note, i’m really interested in collage paired with data vis)

other stuff i’ve liked this week:


Then I thought about cards, as Sam mentioned in class, and how cards could help bring us into the 3D web. I looked at two simple sites (Netflix and DuckDuckGO.com) and thought about how they could implement a 3D card system.

Super rough sketches of DDG. I tried to implement these in 3D in AfterEffects but my skills are super rusty. I think I might try just building it in 3JS with rectangles.






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