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Eternal Cloud -week3 – scriptv1

I’ve tightened my idea, thanks to a ton of feedback, and I’ve written a first draft of my script:


Next step: I really want to workshop this with a writer, possibly within Tisch’s dramatic writing program. Concurrently, I’m going to start storyboarding and think about how long of an experience I want this to be, and how seamless it can be, or should be.

I’ve started a document, gathering articles and facts that I will highlight in my story:


My scientific layer is all of the futurism embedded in the script.

From the reading:

This quote form Kevin Kelly ” I think technology is something that can give meaning to our lives, particularly in a secular world.”

“To create something great, you need the means to make a lot of really bad crap”

“Life seems to gravitate toward these complex states where there’s just enough disorder to create new things” – this makes me think of a concept from another class called the Power Law in networked systems. Not sure how to connect this thought yet.


My layer of science is Futorology.

My sources are : Ray Kurzweil’s writings, Transcendent Man the movie, ‘Seven Eves’ and ‘Snow Crash’ by Neal Stephenson, and Elon Musk


Moore’s Law: the transistor doubles in capability every two years.

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