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For an in-class presentation, my partner and I decided to make a tool for capturing live data from an audience. It could be a tool for teachers and lecturers, to gather some simple information about their audience so they could amend their talk accordingly. As a test, we decided to ask the class 6 questions relating to the day’s class material.

I first sketched the interface for the projector’s display:


Then I started coding the site, in javascript and p5.js, which you can see an earlier version of here:


As a proof of concept, I used tabletop.js to see if the data coming in would change the graphics:

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Then Joy took my front-end color scheme and ran with it and built the node.js socet.io side of things. She built this interface and made arrays for all the data for each question:

Then, we sat down together and hooked it all up, using Digital Ocean droplets as our server. We’re were then at a stage where it would run as long as one of us ran the server.js file off of our local machines, so we then installed the node module ‘forever’ to ensure that they’re always running.

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