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Midterm API/data project – Powers of Ten



More of the ‘behind the scenes’ here

Original Design for center:


More ideas for what data to add:

1) adding population data, (but does it have to be per zip code?)
2) adding world o metrics data:
         – http://data.un.org/DataMartInfo.aspx
3) can I add a layer of subway data?
4) amount of energy consumed
5) Night lights in real time?
6) North Atlantic Gyre, whirlpool of water trapping huge collections of trash

Assignment: Propose a dataset/topic for Midterm (due in two weeks). Designing a new interaction around a dataset that you find personally meaningful. A brief description of the data you chose, why you are interested in it, and what you wanted to express to the user. A sketch or wireframe of your concept. The color palette and fonts that you are using, any other options you were considering, and why you made these choices. Any next steps you think would be interesting for the project.


  • work with three.js and another animation library (rune + gsap, p5, or paper.js)
  • recreate my version of ‘The Powers of Ten’, telling a story about my life, but also about perspective



I’ll be using the google earth engine API and maybe the world population API to tell a story akin to the original Ray and Charles Eames ‘Powers of Ten’ story. I’ll be using the p5.speech to do text to speech.

I know this is a 2 week sprint, so I’m just going to focus on getting the data in and telling one little story of what the earth looks like from the first 3 stops along the way of 10.


Font – Oswald

Color – Natural off-bright


I had a lot of trouble deciding what to do for this project. I looked through the ‘programmable web’ for hours, just looking for interesting APIs, then I looked at the ‘data is plural’ newsletter forever, seeing if there were any interesting stories. I also met someone at the WSJ last semester leading the WebVR/360 data journalism team, so I was considering doing something with  current news story. Honestly, I got lost in the weeds, but have been wanting to re-create ‘Powers of Ten’ for about a decade now, so why not just dig into it? Right? Even though this is a 2 week sprint, I think it will be educational for me to learn to use the google API, since I’ve barely used an API before. I did a few Udacity lessons on the google maps API and that seemed pretty straight forward.

Ref: http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2015/10/27/world/greenland-is-melting-away.html?_r=0

I’m not settled on a design, but here’s an idea:

My frame 1 (collaged from existing elements, not made for this project, will be replaced with my own content):



It can autoplay or maybe it will automatically stop at every chapter beginning and pause for an interactive experience.

0 -Start on ‘the developer’ in her office in Brooklyn. 1 meter wide. 1 meter away.

1- 10 meters wide, you can see the mailbox (drop a pin)

2 – 100 meters wide, you can see all the highlights of the Williamsburg neighborhood, Explore her neighborhood if you like. (markers)

3- a kilometer wide, Pan over to center the map on the kilometer long route that has been drawn out, showing the developers morning run to the waterfront.

Meh, I’d like to add another layer of an API so it’s not just a celebration of Google maps….


Other things to combine in the future? What other APIs would be interesting. . .

foursquare? instagram? satellite data? things in space data? What APIs does space.js use? Nasa space sounds? Any other nasa stuff? https://data.nasa.gov/developer



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