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Eternal Cloud – week 6 – rendering styleframes

“Eternal Cloud” is an online 360 webGL interactive story. It asks ‘Did your actions in 2016 make you a desirable candidate for our new digital society?’ Through parody of startup culture, humor, and engaging interaction it forces the user to learn about climate change, think about consequences, and participate in the conversation.


Starting to build elements so I can set the look. Learning about the necessary workflow for this type of project:

Here are my technical hurdles. I need to get better at building in C4D, then understand how to export from C4D, convert objects to json and re-build the scene in 3JS.

Here is my TODO list, (daunting right now)


Building in C4D:

Sci Fi storytelling in the browser #webgl #singularity #live-forever yikes

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Renders from c4D (these are terrible)

f2 serverouteredge serverouteredge2

Got the servers into Three JS!!


Also! the super talented Emmett Dzieza has allowed me to use his models from this project:

Clockwork Atlas and the Weight of Time from Emmett Dzieza on Vimeo.


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